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National and International Business Solutions 

AYA Holdings, LLC. is a privately held group focused on creating long term investment opportunities across multiple industries where growth and stable cash flow will pave the way for uninhibited growth on a global scale. Every aspect of what our firm does and envisions is extremely audacious in terms of sheer ambition and we believe our portfolio firmly speaks for itself.  

AYA Holdings, LLC. 

Global Executive Services 

We are the proud father company to a vast array of professional and respected subsidiaries, all of which that flourish in a multitude of industries. AYA Holdings, LLC.  is structured to provide one of the most efficient vehicles for investing efficiently and safely. 

Global Networking Solutions 

United States 


AYA Holdings, LLC. has an ongoing commitment to spark growth across various industries as we increase the number of our holdings. 

AYA Holdings, LLC. currently holds and maintains a large portfolio of investments, subsidiaries and assets spanning across multiple industries. We are constantly seeking equity investments into other entities to keep up with our vision of becoming a holdings group that is prosperous enough to provide the greatest value to all of our partners and shareholders. 


How We Can Bring Your Vision To Life

Our business was founded on three main principles - quality, pricing and service. We pride ourselves on our commitment to these principles every day. We provide outstanding service to every client and are here to ensure that all of your needs are met. Find out what we can do for you and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Corporate Acquisitions & Mergers

An extensive process open to our partners. Merging companies can be very daunting without a professional team.

Corporate Documentation

Portfolio Analysis & Consultation

An in-depth review of your entire portfolio and the options available to you.

Private Placement Memorandum

Private Placement Memorandum 

With our connections, Private Placements can be provided for companies looking for funding. 

Corporate Acquisitions And Mergers

Corporate Documentation

We can connect you to professionals that can handle any documentation your firm needs 

Business Team

Corporate Marketing & Advertisement

A list of comprehensive services tailored to make our partners succeed

Corporate Entity Formation And Structuring

Corporate Entity Formation & Structuring

Turn your business idea into a fully operational company 


Patent/Copyrighting & Trademarking

With all of our resources, it has never been easier to protect your products and ideas. 

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boost your product or services to the top of search engines for maximum visibility. 

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Product Development & Prototyping

AYA Holdings, LLC. can launch you through every step of the product development process. 

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