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We Provide These Services For All of Our Subsidiaries & Partners

Corporate Documentation


With Our Connected Network Of Legal Firms, We Can Help You Prepare Any Type of Documentation

Non Disclosure Agreements 

Letters of Intent 

Business Plans 

Non Compete Agreements 

Marketing Plans 

Infringement Documents 

Articles of Incorporation 

Indemnity Agreements

Consignment Agreements 

Executive Summaries 

Requests for Proposals 

Contract Agreements 

Profit And Loss Statements 

Corporate Bylaws

Privacy Policies 

Stock Purchase Agreements 

Business Evaluations 

Partnership Agreements 

Merger Agreements 

Acquisition Agreements 

Hold Harmless Agreements

Stock Certificate Documents 

Release of Liability Agreements 

Stock Purchase Agreements 

Portfolio Analysis

Provided To Help Our Partners Excel


Are you stuck as to what your next move should be in the market, or are you looking to have your entire portfolio evaluated by a team of trusted professionals? Here at AYA Holdings, LLC. we have access to several individuals that specialize in portfolio analysis and consultation. These individuals who stand at the top of their respective industries work around the clock to make sure you are provided with the most accurate evaluations & appraisals. We can sit here and tell you why you should trust us with your portfolio, but we would rather let the quality of our work do the talking. We enjoy all of the services we provide for our partners, as such we take our time to make sure our analysis process is extremely thorough & accurate.

Private Placement Memorandum

An Extensive Service Offered Exclusively To Serious Clientele


An offering memorandum is a document that states the objectives, risks and terms of an investment involved with a private placement. This document includes items such as a company's financial movement, management biographies, a detailed description of the business operations & more.


An offering memorandum serves to provide buyers with information on the offering and to protect the sellers from the liability associated with selling unregistered securities. AYA Holdings, LLC. uses a very extensive & thorough process to put together our memorandums. Accomplished with direct access to a team of legal advisors & specialists, AYA Holdings, LLC. has the capacity to produce Private Placement documents at a very desirable pace. We will not give you a final document until it is the pinnacle of perfection. 

Corporate Acquistions And Meres

An Extensive Process Open To Our Partners


Most of the highest functioning entities are conglomerate giants that decided to join hands together to stand at the very top of their respective industries. The process of merging companies is one the most extensive and time consuming legal projects. Let AYA Holdings, LLC. take the pleasure of leading your corporate merger or acquisition. These processes are critically time sensitive and require the utmost delicacy in handling. Here at the firm, our main asset that we pride ourselves in is punctuality. Through our specialty connections, We have access to a team of professionals that work around the clock seven days a week all year round to make sure that every job is completed on time, tailored to absolute perfection.


Tailored To Make Our Partner's Product Succeed


Quality is a very critical component of any product launch. no product no matter how innovative or amazing will bring back profits if no one has the ability to see it. We take every aspect of marketing with the utmost respect when it comes to our subsidiaries. Marketing is neither a skill nor a means to make money, to us it is an art which must be painted with the most faithful and ardent of brushes. We paint a beautiful canvas of networks and accessibility for our all of our partner's products.

formation & structuring

Bring Your Idea To Life


The economy is not what it used to be. What has worked in the past might not work today. Many of the financial giants, have had to consolidate and restructure themselves from within to survive the volatile global market we live in today. The structure of a company can vastly influence its destiny with success. The structure of one company that does well may not work for another corporation with the same ambitions. Many things have to be considered such as funding sources, the type of investors you want to attract, rate of growth, legalities, and so much more. The list is endless and overwhelming, Let us handle the formation of your business as well as the restructuring of your corporation. Everyone who has given us the pleasure of undertaking this daunting task has walked away with rejoice and confidence. For good reason too, we make it our business, to know your business.

patenting, copyrights

Protection & Satisfaction Guaranteed


AYA Holdings, LLC. has access to a wide array of individuals & specialists specifically dedicated to protecting products and intellectual property. We handle every stage of the trademarking and patenting process to ensure that every angle and clause is well protected to make sure no one can even think about touching what is rightfully yours. Your dreams and creations are extremely important to us here at AYA Holdings, LLC.. You can rest easy knowing we will handle every matter with utmost confidentiality & professionalism

product development

We Are Here For You, Every Step Of The Way


AYA Holdings, LLC. can take your idea and breath life into it in the most vivid colors. We are here stand by you through the entire process, from inception to final product in every store across the country. AYA Holdings, LLC. has connections to some of the leading manufacturing and raw material facilities available. Through our team of affiliates spread across a variety of industries we have the means to bring your intellectual property to a real life design and then proceed to connect you to our affiliate manufacturers, marketers and distributors to give your product the most visibility.


One Of Our Most Popular Services


Right now at this moment, we are at the summit of technology. People are so dependent on social media for just about every aspect of their lives, whether it be for social branding or furthering a business. Making sure your site or product is visible to everyone is crucial for your business ventures. Here at AYA Holdings, LLC., our connections & Expertise will enable your product to outshine all of your competitors. Your website/product will have the desired internet traffic & sales that will enable you to stand above conventional means of marketing.

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